Sassy Saturday Games are scheduled at the SKD Gym today. Will there be any upset as some of these teams are, as you already know it, sassy.

We break the games down for you in this post starting from the third division.

 T-Gray vs Etaa’s Shooters
Etaa’s Shooters are based in Monrovia while T-Gray are from outside Monrovia, to be precise, Gbanga City, Bong County. Both teams have been formidable in the second phase of the game but we will give T-Gray an edge over Etaa’s Shooters for their poise and inside game. We predict T-Gray as winners for this one.

Vision Shooters vs Caldwell Pacers
Vision Shooters are currently the only unbeaten third division side this season. Caldwell Pacers has been playing poorly in their last three games, losing all but they can be a sassy side come Saturday to give the Vision Shooters their first loss although they have already qualified for the next round. Easy win expected for the Vision Boys.

Spartacus vs Dreamers
If there is one team that is really sassy, we would say it is Spartacus. No doubt they are riding with high spirit since their surprising win against Ka-Rockets in this phase. It was an unexpected win considering how well the Rockets had been playing this season.

Bantu Weah, PG for the team, feels good about this match. “I am certain we can beat them.” If they will have to get the win they will have to slow down Amos Brosius who is currently playing at an elite level. Dreamers for the win!

Vision Angels vs D-Rockas
The only female game for the day is expected to be fireworks. D-Rockas is the sassy side. They secured a victory against Vision in the first phase of the season but keeps losing to the other angels, Hoops Angels. The Vision Girls will see this as a revenge match.

Ebony Manyango who has scored over 100 PTS for her side this season and is averaging 18PTS, 15REB, has a message for her opponents. “We overlooked you the first time, this time we will show you we are your big sisters!

Vision Angels is from a fresh win over Desert Ladies which should have them favorite for this encounter. We expect victory for V. Angels but it won’t be easy.

Monrovia Pistons vs NPA Pythons
Do we need to write anything about this? On paper it is very clear who the favorite is yet we can not overlook the Monrovia Pistons. Can they upset the NPA Pythons? Pythons for the W.

 Desert Knights vs LPRC Oilers
With their performance against Invincible Eleven, one will begin to doubt an easy game for the Oilers. In their last game, they managed to score a mere twenty points in three quarters. Samuel Davidson was a ‘no show’ scoring zero points. It took the heroic effort of Isaac Anosike to give them the victory. Are we expecting another poor showing? No! Oilers will exert themselves for the W, but hey, Desert Knights is a sassy side. Can not underwrite them.

Cestos Mogars vs Bushrod Bulls
Last but not the least will be Cestos Mogars looking to upset Bushrod Bulls. Shots have already been fired by Cestos Mogars which was blog about earlier.  A victory over Bushrod Bulls will definitely send a bell ringing of trouble for the Bulls even though they are fresh of a win against Mighty Barrolle. Cestos yet to drop a game but we give the W to the Bulls.

Which of the following games are you trooping to the SKD Gym to watch? Let us know in the comments.